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The Juniper Ascending Thriller Series

Now An AudioBook Read By The Author!

Are you an audiobook addict? Dann sure is! He has recorded YARD SALE into audio, available NOW on Amazon and Audible.

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The pandemic has finally ended.

Ingrid Cloud, a lifelong resident of Juniper, SC, and a retired sex education teacher, must face personal demons she has ignored for twenty years.

She must, because it is her only chance to survive.

A shopaholic--but only at yard sales, where she purchases only the best bargains--Ingrid balances a new romance with Jerome, the owner of an antique shop, and a friendship with Bobbi Jo, a former student and now a trans woman who shops with Ingrid every Saturday morning. 

But lately, Ingrid has been experiencing a disturbing sense of dread--a premonition that Fritz, her ex-husband, is out for revenge!

When the body of the mayor's wife is discovered in Saxe Gotha, a submerged village preserved at the bottom of the state's largest lake, Ingrid realizes she is left with a horrible choice.

Either she dies...

...or she shares the history of her first marriage with strangers who can help her live to enjoy her second.

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YARD SALE audiobook has a runtime of 13 hours and 26 minutes. It is narrated by author Dann Hazel.

Get YARD SALE on Audio now!

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YARD SALE is also available as a Kindle book. Please follow the Amazon link above and select "Kindle" to view this version.

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