Volume Two in the Juniper Ascending Thriller Series

Ingrid Cloud, retired high school sex-ed teacher, loves to attend yard sales. Divorced twenty years ago, her ex banished from Juniper County, everything is fine, until...


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Ingrid meets the man of her dreams--Jerome, the proprietor of a Juniper antique shop! He has to go to yard sales, to look for antique shop treasures. With Ingrid on his arm, he now holds his head high. A beautiful woman who likes what he likes...what more could a man ask for?

Then, a discovery.


Perhaps Jerome is getting more than he bargained for.

What is it about a town buried at the bottom of a huge, manmade lake that draws so much interest? 

When the power company decided, mid-century, that it wanted to build a hydroelectric generating plant, the government gleefully agreed to erase a whole community. No longer on maps, no longer visible, the townsfolk scattered like dandelion seeds in the wind. 

An underwater town is a dead town. Not just its graveyard, but the whole place.


What's one more lifeless body going to matter in a place like this?


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