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Free "Side Yarn" Companion Book to The Timid Terrorist!

Linda's Holy Terror is my newest book. It's a 17,000 word novella that's a side yarn to The Timid Terrorist. You'll get lots of back story about Jon and his relationship with Linda, his high school and college "sweetheart."

Best of all? It's FREE! Just download it through my BookFunnel link and you'll be reading in no time! 

Linda's Holy Terror is available ONLY through the link below. It's not available on Amazon or anywhere else at any price!

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I did. Once.
Now look where it got me.

Ordinary man? Vigilante? Hero?

Ah, the genteel South.

Cocktails on the front porch while the kids play in the yard. On Saturday night, listening to the Grand Old Opry on the radio. Everyone knows everyone, and all is picture perfect.

Except in the Sixties and Seventies, it wasn’t that way at all. Race relations, despite integration, have always been in the toilet with no foreseeable way out. Everyone is expected to vote the “right” way. And everyone grows up and builds a family. Wife. Husband. And kids.

Those kids playing the yard.

What if you’re Black? Life could be an endless series of frustrations. Of dangers. If you’re Black, it seems like the safest place is your church.

What if you’re gay? Life could be an endless series of frustrations. Of dangers. If you’re gay, it seems like the safest place is in the company of friends.

One Black man. One gay man. They grew up together in South Carolina. They were best friends. But somewhere along the way, things took a turn. Oppression can make anyone lash out.

But at a friend?

When a friend turns on a friend, don’t expect he will lie down and take the punches.

Fast forward to the 21st century. Andre Fast, A.K.A. Black Solomon, is coming to town to spread his message of hate and division.

But Jon Wren isn’t going to take it lying down. Not any longer. It’s high time he took his stand. Made his bold move. Now that his husband, Ryan, has gone, he has literally nothing to lose.

Trigger warning: The climax is intense. There are instances of racism, antigay bigotry, detailed sex descriptions, and gun violence.

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