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Religious Activism? Meet Domestic Terrorism.

Hot. Erotic. Suspenseful.

A gay man's obsessive drive for revenge.

A sexy, slow-burn psychological thriller.

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I pushed the videocassette into the player. The screen, for a while, was a blur as I watched through my tears. At first, Neil and his mother talked about their relationship, the ups and downs of their lives together. His mom told of the condemnation of homosexuality her interpretation of Scripture demanded that she believe, an interpretation she was no longer willing to accept. Neil then expressed how his mother’s rejection affected him over the years. But it was clear that they had sorted all of that out.

            Then, they segued into the effects of the disease, first on Neil, then on the entire family. Both mother and son were raw and candid in exploring the distances the disease caused. Then, they explained how AIDS brought them together, as a family, into battle.

            That’s when the camera closed in on his mother’s beautiful, proud, Cherokee features, her shining, luxurious black hair, her hauntingly dark eyes.

           “There is something I am morally obligated to say.” Bravely, she looked directly into the camera. “I’m sorry if my words offend anyone. Disagree with me, if you must, but do not condemn me. Like many Christians—those I know, and thousands I do not know—I was wrong. I almost destroyed my son—and my relationship with him as his mother—because of my stubborn ignorance. I love God. I believe in God, and always have. But the God I once worshipped and believed in is not a God at all. It was an easy deception. A convenient delusion. My son is perfect, just the way the true God created him. If you are a parent who thinks about her gay son or lesbian daughter in any other way, then remove the log from your eye, the way Jesus warned us we must sometimes do. My son is homosexual. I can honestly say, now, that I would have him no other way. To the gay and lesbian communities across the state of South Carolina, please believe me when I say how sorry I am. I’m sorry for the contributions I have made to the collective hate and disgust directed toward you. I do not deserve your forgiveness, as I do not deserve my son’s forgiveness. Even so, it is my fervent hope that you can find it in your heart to do just that. Forgive me. Please.” --from Chapter 36

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You’ve been happily married for years to a very loving spouse.​

Then, during happy hour at a local lounge, the two of you meet a young man, Paul.

He's hot. Both of you think so. ​

Before you know it, Paul has moved in for the summer.​

Into your house. Into your bed.​

You have to decide:  What do you really want?​

Paul? Or the survival of your marriage?

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Last updated January 19, 2021.

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