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I did. Once.

Now look where it got me.

Ordinary man? Vigilante? Hero?

Jon grew up in Juniper, suffering the torments one might expect as a gay person in a small southern town.

He survived his childhood and adolescence. He even found true love in Ryan, a creative, artistic man who swept Jon off his feet. And showed him how to shoot a handgun. (“An armed queer is a safe queer.”) A couple of college friends continued to loom large in Jon’s life, including Andre, a man who would become his arch-enemy and another, Neil, who remains a friend until his death at the merciless hands of the AIDS epidemic.

As the people closest to Jon leave his life—through death or by choosing a different path in their own lives—he comes to understand one thing: He must abandon his role as victim and become the change he wants to see in the world.

This novel, ranging from the 1950s when Jon was a child until the present day, places into its crosshairs an ordinary man on his odyssey through life. But as is often the case, what may seem at first glance to be just another guy turns out to be someone who is willing to risk everything as he confronts the threats before him.

Trigger warning: The climax is intense. There are instances of racism, antigay bigotry, detailed sex descriptions, and gun violence.

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