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October 03, 2022

In the fall of 2022, a new gay romance series will make its debut on Amazon.

The series will be called SOME LIKE IT HAUTE.

The first book in the series: ROOM FOR DESSERT: Some Like It Haute Gay Romance Series, Book One.

All books in the series will relate in some way to food and our enjoyment of food. The connection between romance and food is closely related. We take our dates out to restaurants. We feel an "emptiness" when we're either hungry for food--or for a little lovin'. And some people even incorporate foods into their erotic experiences.

While food is a major element of the series, the characters and their pursuit of love are the most important components of each novel. 

Compelling plots. Interesting characters. Difficult-to-resolve conflicts.

And of course: HEA endings all the way!

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Last updated October 03, 2022

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