What I'm Working On Now...

Excerpts from New Novel
Release Date: Unknown

From Chapter 3:


In just four months, he will appear in the Walt Disney Theater at the Dr. Phillips Center for the Performing Arts, just a few miles east of Walt Disney World and a few easy blocks from my house. I love the Walt Disney Theater; it’s majestic and commanding, just as you’d expect. And of course, he would require such a facility. He is only one man, but he is larger than life among the fuck-ups in this fucked up world. I dream of taking him down a few notches. I already have my ticket.

And a plan.

Recently, it dawned on me, like a crashing inspiration. For several decades now, there have been no good assassins. And yet, our need for them has never been greater. The standard-defying Presidents, contemptuous of the Constitution, have shown us all how easy it is to circumvent laws, to eschew democratic values, and to thumb our noses at ethics.

The good ol’ U.S. of A., because of a succession of leadership blasphemy, has joined the ranks of the shithole countries of the world.

Short Synopsis


             Jonathan Wren, a gay man from humble roots in a small South Carolina town, discovers how easily a friend can become an enemy and how tenuous the line between life and death really is. Jonathan’s journey takes him from his hometown of Juniper to Charleston, South Carolina, then to Savannah, Georgia, and finally to Orlando, Florida, as he singlehandedly seeks to avenge the oppression of an entire community. The closer he gets to the pivotal act of terror that only he can execute—and for which he is even willing to lose his life, if necessary—two questions taunt him.

            What do I really believe in? Who do I really believe in?

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