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I NEED YOU--to join the Juniper Literati!

Do you enjoy reading? Are you pretty bold about sharing your opinions? Do you enjoy thrillers?

If so, please consider joining the Juniper Literati, a group of critical readers who review the novels in the Juniper Ascending Thriller Series as they come out of the "production" stage. 

Coming in late May is YARD SALE, the second installment of the Juniper Ascending Series. Before it launches on Amazon, I will ask the Literati to:

1. Read the manuscript, which has been polished to perfection (well, I hope!);

2. Send any comments (kind but candid ones, hopefully) about what you liked, didn't like, what works and what doesn't. Point out any glaring details that aren't accurate or aren't synchronous with other parts of the story;

3. Write a review for YARD SALE, and place it on Amazon.

For your trouble, I'll send you a free novella, which provides much "backstory" to YARD SALE, entitled LIFE ON THE FRITZ.

Still interested?

All you need to do now is send me an email message which simply states: "Yes." You may (though it's not required) include your first name. (If you wish to make your message longer, please do. Like you, I love to read.) 

I'll acknowledge getting your message. Then, when YARD SALE is ready, I'll send you another message, asking which format of the book you desire. Then, voila!

My address is simply:

Thanks for your consideration!

A Tour of YARD SALE Settings and Characters

(Click on the photos below to see an enlarged image along with a caption for each.)

Take a Tour of Juniper*, SC

Through the eyes of Jonathan Wren

(Click on the photos below to see an enlarged image along with a caption for each.)

This page updated April 13, 2021

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