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Welcome to Historic Juniper, South Carolina

Juniper, South Carolina is the setting for Dann's Juniper Ascending Thriller Book Series. Juniper is a small southern town with a checkered past, a past which continues to shade events there to this day. Books in this series include The Timid Terrorist and the short-read prequel Cycling to Juniper with Yard Salethe second full-length book out in August 2021.

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Are you a fan of thrillers, psychological thrillers and horror? Do you read each evening before bed, relying on that late night shocking burst of adrenaline to help you nod off?

How would you like a free thriller, the prequel to YARD SALE? It’s a 45,000-word novella which offers tantalizing background about several characters in YARD SALE, while at the same time telling a complete story within its covers.

What’s neat about LIFE ON THE FRITZ (the free book) is that it fits into the Juniper Ascending Thriller Series of books either before or after reading YARD SALE. Whether you read it first or you don’t get around to FRITZ until after reading YARD SALE, you’ll gain a lot of insight into the motivations and psychology of the principal characters.

LIFE ON THE FRITZ is available for download through BookFunnel. You can find the link on my website at or, if you’re reading on your device right now, you can find it here:

One word of warning though: The Juniper Ascending Thriller Series is addictive! Once you open the cover on any of the books in the Series, you’ll want to read more! Now that you’ve been duly warned…

Let’s get on with a breath-taking, thrilling relationship, shall we?


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