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The prequel to the Juniper Ascending Thriller Series...

Cycling to Juniper

Available now for 99 cents (.99) on Amazon

Cycling to Juniper

A short-read prequel to the Juniper Ascending Thriller Series that introduces characters you'll encounter in other Juniper Ascending titles.

You’ve been happily married for years to a very loving spouse.​

Then, during happy hour at a local lounge, the two of you meet a young man, Paul.

He's hot. Both of you think so. ​

Before you know it, Paul has moved in for the summer.​

Into your house. Into your bed.​

You have to decide:  What do you want most?

Paul? Or the survival of your marriage?


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New from Dann Hazel:

The short-read prequel to the Juniper Ascending Thriller Series Cycling to Juniper. This 24-page, 7000 word short read offers a glimpse into the town of Juniper, where history meets modernity, where tradition meets innovation, where old ideas persist as new ways of thinking take root.

Joseph Hasell, childhood transplant from Great Britain, is married to a beautiful woman. One weekend evening, while out clubbing, Joseph and Lauren spot a young man, and the next thing they know, he's become a part of their lives. 

What in the state of South Carolina is going on here?! This doesn't sound like the genteel "old South" that we always hear about. But then, that gentility--did it ever really exist?

The Juniper Ascending Thriller Series offers a peek behind the plantation shutters and into the lives of Juniperians. You're going to be surprised at what you'll discover!

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