At first glance, personality appears deceptively easy to define. We frequently make observations about friends, family and even strangers that amount to short commentaries about their distinctive personalities. In "Giving Birth to Ourselves: Reflections on Personality," psychologist and educator Dann Hazel takes a closer look at the complexities of personality. First, he examines the role of internal conflicts in the shaping of personality. Next, the interplay of mind, environment, determination and freedom is shown to play large roles in cultivating personal resiliency. The third chapter of the book focuses on the "trait theory" of personality, the most widely accepted and perhaps most easily understood approach to studying personality. The book concludes with an unbridled look at the personality of hate in an attempt to understand prejudice and racism.


When twenty-year-old aspiring singer Suzy maneuvers her way into the home of Lauren and Bryan, a middle-aged couple, exciting but disturbing events begin to occur. “Riding to Jedburg” is a scintillating exploration of unbridled lust, unrequited love, adventure and destructive secrets in a relationship culminating in an unlikely ménage-a-trois.


In this mini-anthology of short stories, young Ben ("The Black Plastic Spectacles") is exposed to the tragedy of the Viet Nam conflict, the adolescent Barbara ("The Divorce") confronts the awful truth about her grandfather, and Troy ("The Tick Wars") relives a hard-to-forget event prior to the most important, life-altering experience he will ever face. These three stories focus on inevitable transformations in the lives of vulnerable individuals who, through life's difficult experiences, become more courageous and resilient. Ben confronts death at a young age, Barbara is introduced to sexual abuse as she enters puberty, and Troy makes a decision based on gender-identity and self-acceptance.

From the legal, social, and spiritual issues to the political, personal, and sexual components of gay separation, a compassionate guide offers a wealth of advice, encouragement, courage, and support to gay men dealing with a painful breakup.


What does Reverend Wally Bedenbaugh and televangelism's sweetheart, Sinful Sadie, have in common?

A penis. (For now.)

The Transition of Sinful Sadie, Dann Hazel's riveting psychological thriller, explodes with passion and conflict as three people in transition struggle with each other, with a culture that misunderstands them, and with themselves to find comfort in a world in which they do not belong.

Paul Lyles (a.k.a. Sadie Bedenbaugh), a male-to-female transsexual, fights desperately to remain in a deteriorating relationship and his upcoming surgery certainly won't help. Wally Bedenbaugh, a closeted gay televangelist, finds himself on a collision course with his faith, his spouse and a domestic terrorist. And Duncan Trace, a religious extremist losing touch with reality, follows a murderous path as he plots the destruction of a media empire.

The Transition of Sinful Sadie is a riveting exploration of fanaticism and terrorism and the redemptive power of love and acceptance.

Aronda Parks loves Walt Disney World! In fact, she recently moved to the central Florida area so she could visit more often. Now, Aronda and members of her Memories Team visit WDW every chance they get, usually at least once each week. These folks are serious WDW fans! Through the years, and their hundreds of visits to the Resort, Aronda and her team have come to know a great deal about all things Disney. As a natural extension of her love of Walt Disney World, Aronda authors Making Walt Disney World Vacation Memories--the definitive WDW travel guidebook. Now in its 4th edition, Making Memories has helped thousands of WDW Resort guests to plan their vacations. When you read it yourself, we believe that you'll find it to be not only packed with practical info to help you make your vacation the best it can be, but also fun-to-read--extra info and Disney vacation experiences establish a pleasant tone, and the conversational writing style helps build your anticipation for your vacation! Whether you're a first-time WDW visitor planning your upcoming vacation or you're a "regular" visitor who visits several times a year, there's plenty in this book for you! We can't emphasize it enough...Don't go to Walt Disney World without Making Memories!

(Dann Hazel and Josh Fippen writing as Aronda Parks)


Among the multitude of factors which influence--and often impede--an individual's ability to "age successfully," physiological changes related to sex and sexual functioning, the effects of stress on cognition, and depression are three critical factors capable of eroding life satisfaction of older individuals.
This work examines the psychological ramifications of gender- and sex-related changes in aging populations, with an emphasis on sex drive transformations and sexual satisfaction. An examination of the myriad effects of stress on cognition among older individuals illuminates the desirability of lowering stress levels to avoid their deleterious effects on the aging brain, which is already experiencing significant changes. And since depression manifests itself in quite unique yet subtle ways among older individuals, this work examines the inherent challenges to diagnosis as well as the importance of identifying pathology before older clients resort to lethal means to end their pain.
Finally, a variety of definitions of successful aging are presented, along with the controversies surrounding the concept which implies a competition between those who "succeed" and those who "fail."

Based on actual events, Brutal Exclusions focuses on life in Charleston, SC, during a decade that changed history: The Sixties.

After a school bus is toppled by eight Charleston businessmen in protest against school desegregation, Alethea Jamison, the only African American youngster on a bus full of white children, suffers Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD). Just as bad things often occur in clusters, other Charlestonians encounter trials and challenges that were typical of this decade that gave birth to feminism, gay rights, free love, black power, and distrust of "the establishment."

Other conflicts include: Duncan struggles with his crush on his best friend, Robert. Elsa, a European American, must hide her relationship with Jason, an African American, from her friends and colleagues. Robert must decide whether to support a close family member who participated in the bus incident. And Lionel Jamison, Alethea's brother and a Marine, struggles with his feelings about U.S. involvement in Vietnam.

Through all of the plots twists and turns, Charleston is portrayed as a city that is, all at once, celebrated, reviled, and even deified by its cast of memorable but often troubled characters. The murders of ten worshipers by a racist at Emanuel AME Church in Charleston, SC, on June 17, 2015, renders this novel even more relevant today, as our society still struggles with issues pertaining to race, diversity and identity.


"Haitian Elegy" is the story of two men and their struggle to cope with loss, romance, and society's changing values.

Paul, an older man who writes travel guides and reviews for Orlando's theme park industry, is torn between his troublesome friendship with his ex and his romance with Louis, a semi-retired but successful musician from Haiti. After a long time dating, Louis wants to marry Paul, who remains ambivalent about his proposal. It is Louis' ultimatum that plunges Paul into an examination of his relationship history and, ultimately, what he really wants from Louis.


The all new, 2003 edition of A Walt Disney World Resort Outing is a travel guide which includes not only Disney's "queer sensibility," but also everything you need to know to plan a fabulous vacation!

A Walt Disney World Resort Outing is the original vacation planning guide for LGBT Disney World visitors! The best has gotten even better in this, the second edition. Accept no substitutes!

This hefty 400-page guide blasts the traditional party line, and takes you, step-by-step, through all the essential planning for a Disney World vacation that only you--the discerning gay or lesbian traveler--can experience.

The 2003 edition of A Walt Disney World Resort Outing: The Original Vacation Planning Guide Exclusively for Gay and Lesbian Travelers is here--and it's bigger and better than ever! This guide is sprinkled with pixie dust, magical moments, fairy tales, and even a little mayhem. With Outing, add a touch of lavender to your Walt Disney World experience.

Travel writers Dann Hazel and Josh Fippen are convinced that LGBT travelers will discover gay-inclusive subtexts within Disney attractions and shows, and a hearty welcome from Disney World cast members. Their 2003 guide provides all the information you need to plan for a great Disney vacation that's sensitive to your unique desires and tastes. The four major theme parks, restaurants, resort hotels, Gay Days, Disney nightlife and more are covered in all their gay-resonant glory!

You'll find tips from many other gay and lesbian Disney fans, as well as advice columns featuring Rue and Drew McQueen--twins who proudly inherited both gay and Disney genes. They focus on the hard-hitting questions about queer-inclusiveness at Disney World. And while they're big Disney fans, they don't whitewash the Disney experience, either.

Outing is the quintessential LGBT Disney World travel guide! It includes everything you need to help you achieve the best Disney World vacation possible. The travel guide includes seventeen chapters, twelve photos of the Resort, more than 90 charts and sidebars, eleven trip-planning worksheets and five property maps.

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