Dann here. Glad you've dropped by to check out my latest work. I have quite a few fiction projects to be released in the coming months. Keep checking here for news about those releases and how to obtain them.

​​Look first for “Cycling to Juniper,” a short read prequel to the JUNIPER ASCENDING series of fiction launching soon. You’ll be able to obtain a free copy of the short read right here. (Below the cover is a short "teaser" for the story.)

You’ve been happily married for years to a very loving spouse.

Then, during happy hour at a local lounge, the two of you meet a young man, Paul.


He's hot. To both of you. 

Before you know it, Paul has moved in for the summer.

Into your house. Into your bed.

You have to decide:  What do you really want?

Paul? Or the survival of your marriage?


Just in time for the winter holidays, expect to see the release of the first full-length installment of the JUNIPER ASCENDING series, a psychological thriller entitled The Timid Terrorist….

Your best friend betrays you. Condemns you for who you are. Batters you for being worse than the shit on the sole of someone's shoe.

Then, you lose the man closest to you.

Your soulmate. Your husband.

Now, an opportunity for revenge against Andre.

You have a gun. A lot of motivation.


And Andre’s in town.

There are so many reasons you have to kill him.

Do you have the guts to pull it off?

In this 115,000-word novel, Jonathan Wren, a gay man from the small town of Juniper, discovers how easily a friend can betray you and how tenuous life and love really are. Jonathan’s journey takes him from his hometown of Juniper to Charleston, then to Savannah, and finally to Orlando, as he singlehandedly seeks to avenge a personal injustice. All the while, he struggles to cope with the death of his husband, Ryan Armstrong.

The closer he gets to the pivotal act of terror that only he can execute, two questions taunt him.

What do I really believe in?

Can a man, once so deeply in love, commit the ultimate act of hate?

In Jonathan’s view, his relationship with Ryan is the only thing that ever mattered.

A man with crumbling faith, Jonathan searches for meaning in Ryan’s death.

He tries to shake his grief. And though years have passed since his husband's death, Jonathan finds building a new relationship difficult.

Taunted by a troubled history that harks back to childhood, he despairs that Andre has risen as a star in a fundamentalist television empire. When Andre is scheduled to appear in Orlando, Jonathan concocts a scheme to make the ultimate political—and personal—statement.

Please stay tuned for the announcement of the book’s release.

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Love and peace,


Dann Hazel is a fiction and nonfiction author whose work is inclusive of LGBTQ+ characters and themes.

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