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Lazy afternoons spent on your spacious front porch, watching the kids play in the yard while you sip your mint julep. Stately homes shaded by ancient live oak trees. Idyllic sunsets casting drapes of Spanish moss in silhouette. 

Mention of the small southern town conjures thoughts of scenes such as these.

Is there more to southern life than these images convey? If scenes like these ever really happened, then there must be others as well. Perhaps places hold feelings--sensations--of events which transpired in them. If so, do the effects of having once been part of the Confederate States of America still reverberate across time, like aftershocks in the wake of a terrible earthquake? Does the sorrow and hurt not remain as surely as the hope and happiness of times past?

The Juniper Ascending Thriller Series of books by Dann Hazel explores life in the southern town of Juniper. It's a place where some bad things happened--and continue to happen. But it's also a place where people rise up to the challenges and risk everything in their attempt to restore a sense of justice and goodness to the place they call home.

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Author Dann Hazel conducts research for an upcoming novel in his Juniper Ascending Thriller Series. Born in a small South Carolina town, Dann has lived in the south his whole life.

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The Juniper Ascending Thriller Series begins with The Timid Terrorist, a biographical account of one man's life as he grew up in Juniper, then moved to Charleston, and finally, to Orlando. As a gay man, Jon faced significant prejudice as he grew up, including from Andre, a Black man whom he befriended when the schools were integrated. This is a slow-burn thriller. Watch for that surprise ending!


A short-read prequel to the series finds Joseph, a happily married man, contemplating his marriage after he and Lauren, his lovely wife, invited a third person into the marital bed. The story consists of Joseph's thoughts as he takes a 30-mile bike ride from Columbia to Juniper after returning from a trip to take Paul cross-country to follow his dream of becoming a stage performer. Cycling to Juniper may be only 7000 words, but those words hold much food for thought! Joseph, Lauren, and Paul will be seen again in Yard Sale, Book 2 of the Juniper Ascending Thriller Series, due out in late spring 2021.

Stay Informed About All Things Juniper

Juniper is the setting of the Juniper Ascending Thriller Series. The Juniper Sun, the city's long-standing newspaper, now offers an online edition. And you can get a free subscription


The Juniper Sun, the newspaper which has kept the citizens of the City of Juniper informed since 1803, has launched a FREE online edition. 


Now, you can subscribe to The Juniper Sun Newspaper Online Edition! The "Sunday Supplement" comes out biweekly. You can get your free subscription by clicking on the image above. Your subscription will begin with the next issue.

The Juniper Sun online edition contains current news items from Juniper as well as  biographies of characters appearing in current and future novels, "around town" pieces, and special in-depth stories you won't see anywhere else. Additionally, you'll get updates when new titles from the Juniper Ascending Thriller Series become available.​​


Dann Hazel is a fiction and nonfiction author whose work is inclusive of LGBTQ+ characters and themes.

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