Five years ago, Bob’s wife, Linda, lost her life in an automobile crash, leaving her husband a single parent with two children he hardly knew. Because of his busy ambition as an architect in a prestigious firm, he did not spend nearly as much time with his family as he should have—a realization that has caused him much guilt. Today, he still struggles to move past his daily battle with major depression. Even with a good therapist, his progress has been sporadic at best. 

Framed in the context of a discussion of psychopathology, Dann Hazel, Ph.D., explores Bob’s treatment options while disclosing some of the controversies surrounding them. His analysis of treatment models not only provides a solid overview of therapy possibilities for individuals looking for the right therapist, but also gives the student of psychology an introduction to the field of psychopathology. 

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Linda Is Dead: What's to be Done about Bob's Depression?

The Contemporary Psychology Series Book 3

Giving Birth to Ourselves: Reflections on Personality

The Contemporary Psychology Series Book 2

At first glance, personality appears deceptively easy to define. We frequently make observations about friends, family and even strangers that amount to short commentaries about their distinctive personalities. In "Giving Birth to Ourselves: Reflections on Personality," psychologist and educator Dann Hazel takes a closer look at the complexities of personality. First, he examines the role of internal conflicts in the shaping of personality. Next, the interplay of mind, environment, determination and freedom is shown to play large roles in cultivating personal resiliency. The third chapter of the book focuses on the "trait theory" of personality, the most widely accepted and perhaps most easily understood approach to studying personality. The book concludes with an unbridled look at the personality of hate in an attempt to understand prejudice and racism.

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"How Nice It Is that Wrinkles Don't Hurt"--and the Things that Do: Sex-Related Changes, Stress, Depression, and Successful Aging

The Contemporary Psychology Series Book 1

Among the multitude of factors which influence--and often impede--an individual's ability to "age successfully," physiological changes related to sex and sexual functioning, the effects of stress on cognition, and depression are three critical factors capable of eroding life satisfaction of older individuals. 
This work examines the psychological ramifications of gender- and sex-related changes in aging populations, with an emphasis on sex drive transformations and sexual satisfaction. An examination of the myriad effects of stress on cognition among older individuals illuminates the desirability of lowering stress levels to avoid their deleterious effects on the aging brain, which is already experiencing significant changes. And since depression manifests itself in quite unique yet subtle ways among older individuals, this work examines the inherent challenges to diagnosis as well as the importance of identifying pathology before older clients resort to lethal means to end their pain. 
Finally, a variety of definitions of successful aging are presented, along with the controversies surrounding the concept which implies a competition between those who "succeed" and those who "fail."

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