"Haitian Elegy": Two Men, an Ex, and Race

When twenty-year-old aspiring singer Suzy maneuvers her way into the home of Lauren and Bryan, a middle-aged couple, exciting but disturbing events begin to occur. “Riding to Jedburg” is a scintillating exploration of unbridled lust, unrequited love, adventure and destructive secrets in a relationship culminating in an unlikely ménage-a-trois.

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"Riding to Jedburg": More than Just a Bike Ride

"Haitian Elegy" is the story of two men and their struggle to cope with loss, romance, and society's changing values. 

Paul, an older man who writes travel guides and reviews for Orlando's theme park industry, is torn between his troublesome friendship with his ex and his romance with Louis, a semi-retired but successful musician from Haiti. After a long time dating, Louis wants to marry Paul, who remains ambivalent about his proposal. It is Louis' ultimatum that plunges Paul into an examination of his relationship history and, ultimately, what he really wants from Louis.

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